What accessories cannot be missing from your office table?

To promote the well-being of the work team of an office, the distribution of the spaces, the decoration and the lighting are important. But the organization of the work tables also helps to have a certain order when carrying out the tasks and also – why not – to give a good image of our company. We must be tolerant with the way that each one wants to organize their table but at the same time demanding to guarantee a minimum order, and to achieve this there are a series of table accessories that will help us.

Although less and less stationery is used, especially paper, the truth is that it is still a predominant resource and therefore we must provide a good organization. The desktop trays or drawers can help us to classify the papers according to the point of the administrative process in which they are, such as projects in progress, correspondence pending to open or meeting notes. The stationery material can be kept in a drawer together with notebooks and personal items, or we can have it in a desktop organizer, everything will depend on the periodicity with which we use it. It is advisable to have on hand what we use the most and the rest we can have in a drawer, especially on tables that do not have much space.

Pencil holders are elements that are closely linked to office tables. It is not necessary to always have them full of pens of all colors and markers of different thicknesses. But we must have those that we have to have more at hand. For the rest, such as office supplies, we can use the drawer classifiers. And importantly, no matter how much tray and drawers we have, we must be aware that it is useless to accumulate all the papers that we do not need and therefore, a nearby bin will be a good ally to be able to keep only what interests us to work, while that the papers that we no longer need in our day to day can be placed in filing cabinets.

Finally, and although it seems an old-fashioned object, we cannot forget the desktop calendar. No matter how much mobile phone and agenda in the cloud we use, there will always be that moment when while we are talking on the phone or with another member of the team we will have to quickly check a launch date or project end date. Yes, the calendar is also an accessory that cannot be missing from our office table.