Slowliving, the “new” way of living

Would you be capable of telling us, how many times you check your phone? Or do you remember what you did before being permanently connected to social media? If the answer to the first question is “a lot or too many” and you can create a list of things longer than the Titanic for the second, you are probably a potential follower of the slowliving movement. This is not a philosophy of life itself, but what this movement, derivative from the slow food movement, suggests is to slow down the rhythm of our lives going back to our ancestors’ rhythm. Obviously, we are not talking about Cro-Magnon, but the life our great-grandparents in the pre-industrial era. Forget about doing 50.000 things on the same day or planning all the hours of your day as if you were a robot.



It is not easy, but is possible. But, why? Well, because the slowmoving allows you to reconnect with yourself and think about what you are doing and make vital decisions to change. Nowadays, we do that for 10 minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve. It is about live the present, but above all, be conscious of every moment and know how to value it. Let’s see some examples to achieve that goal:

  • Walk slowly. Hit the street 10 minutes before and it will be possible. While you walk, do it without your phone in your hands. Look at the streets, the trees or the people. Feel the air in your skin.
  • Focus on what you are doing in each moment. We need to unite our body and our mind. If you are working, you must think just about work and leave your worries from home behind until you get to your place. Your job will get better results and you will be better.
  • Have more contact with nature. Nature’s rhythm should be our guide. Learning how to grew some food can help us to be aware of the effort and dedication that needs each step of the process. A good motto would be: less Netflix and more bicycle.
  • Eat or drink local and ecologic things. This means that melon is supposed to be eaten in summer and oranges in winter. Nature offers us what our body needs in each moment.
  • Make your place a pleasant one. You need to have a place where you can sit, talk, connect with others or observe. We don’t need a huge house in the middle of the mountains to get this.

The consequences of doing some of this examples will be noticed soon. You will be able to identify the moments you really appreciate easily and will pay more attention to them. Those that already practice the slowliving guarantee that is a good recipe to be and feel better for yourself and for the ones around you.