Open office

How do we create privacy in an open space?

More and more companies and self-employed people are opting for coworking areas and open workspaces. In this sense, office design has evolved towards a trend where workers can communicate more easily in a more relaxed environment.

Gone are the closed offices and airtight cubicles to make way for open offices and spaces that let air and light through to improve the working conditions of workers. This leads to a much more productive state in which there is room for communication and exchange without having to sacrifice creativity.

However, privacy in the office can become a necessity depending on the areas of work or the preferences and culture of each company. In this sense, the design must be adapted to the office so that it responds functionally to these needs.

Collaboration areas

Collaboration spaces, such as meeting rooms and other specific spaces for workers from different areas, are essential to separate the space from where you work. Collaboration and exchange need a place to be without the need to alter other spaces.

On the other hand, privacy is key from reducing distractions, protecting information, and separating jobs from management, for example. Also, not all tasks require the same level of concentration and an open space may be counterproductive.

It is necessary for workers to be able to perform their work without constant interruptions. Imagine a space where three phone calls coincide, a work group brainstorming right next to you, a colleague laughing, and another coughing.

Solutions to distractions

Acoustics is something to keep in mind to prevent certain activities from overlapping. Design elements such as mobile screens or furniture that absorb noise are becoming more common.

We’ve talked about light in open spaces before. Excess of light can create a feeling of visual distraction. For this reason, there are elements that can delimit the visual horizon, such as modular and flexible furniture, adapting it to desks, as well as biophilic elements, such as plants, plant screens and other objects that act as dividers and, in addition, improve air quality.


Keys to increase the sales of your shop

Have you ever wondered why you are going to buy from one store and not another? Leaving department stores and e-commerce platforms aside, what are the reasons that keep you coming back to a store again and again? If you have a place with your own business, in this article we will tell you some keys so that your customers come back, new buyers come, and consequently, you increase sales.

The customer at the center of everything. It is the statement to follow. You have to always think about what interests them and how it interests them. The customer-seller relationship is based on trust, and it’s only achieved with observation, active listening and empathy, basic and recurring terms in the manual for managing one’s own businesses in commercial shops. Observe their movements, where they dedicate the most interest, which article captures their attention the longest. Listen to their comments, give them a conversation to get to know the person better. And understand them, put yourself in their place to discover their needs. This is the first step to achieve a good and repeat shopping experience, and thus increase sales.

Taking into account that the clients are at the center of our interest, we must involve the entire professional team in the same purpose and, at the same time, turn the premises into a space that improves the shopping experience. Small gestures are enough, such as suitable lighting, renovated shop windows and elaborate decoration, or changes in the arrangement of the small furniture, to achieve a different touch on each visit.

Once you have come to buy, let’s make it repeat itself, and let new customers come. We can use different strategies, depending on the type of business we have. It can be useful for us to create a database to maintain contact with customers, to advance their needs with promotions, private sales or birthday greetings.

But today, any business that wants to increase its sales must be present in the digital showcase. Either only in social networks or complemented with a website, the digital presence will allow us to be very close to our clientele and make ourselves known to potential new clients and consequently increase our sales. Now, we must remember that it is very important to keep a strategy that helps us decide which social networks we will be on, what type of content we will offer, the periodicity on each one and having a budget destined to get new customers to increase the sales of our shops.