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Tips to motivate your team

As the pandemic has brought changes at about work levels, it is imperative that the return-to-work environments has to be accompanied by motivation and leadership from the company that are up to the task. In this sense, maintaining a modern office that creates an inspiring environment and a balanced office design can be key elements […]

What accessories cannot be missing from your office table?

To promote the well-being of the work team of an office, the distribution of the spaces, the decoration and the lighting are important. But the organization of the work tables also helps to have a certain order when carrying out the tasks and also – why not – to give a good image of our […]

How do we create privacy in an open space?

More and more companies and self-employed people are opting for coworking areas and open workspaces. In this sense, office design has evolved towards a trend where workers can communicate more easily in a more relaxed environment. Gone are the closed offices and airtight cubicles to make way for open offices and spaces that let air […]

Keys to increase the sales of your shop

Have you ever wondered why you are going to buy from one store and not another? Leaving department stores and e-commerce platforms aside, what are the reasons that keep you coming back to a store again and again? If you have a place with your own business, in this article we will tell you some […]

Space: key element to motivate workers

As a general rule, an employee is at his workplace for a third of his day. And it is very different to develop work in a place where it is good rather than in a place where it is not comfortable. After all, a good work environment favors the well-being of the work team and […]

Documents needed on the sale contract of a commercial office

Once the search for a commercial office for our business is finished, it is time to prepare the necessary documentation for the sale and purchase operation. Those are series of procedures that we must do and that culminate in the deed that reflects the acquisition of the commercial office. A lot of rigor is required […]

How should a car park rental contract be?

Renting a parking, if you are the tenant or the owner, has some legal and procedure responsibilities attached. The first thing we need to take into account is if the car park is included in the house or goes separately. If it’s included, everything will be in the same contract, but if the parking is […]

Some tips to organize your office correctly

These last years there has been a trend to have open offices, with the essential separations and large communal areas to boost relationships, creativity and, so that, improve productivity. Wide tables and shared areas have been the keynote to organize offices. However, the pandemic situation that we are living since 2020 has generated some changes […]

What is the cadastral value of a flat?

Every house –either rustic or urban- apart from the market value that marks the price of trade, has a cadastral value. We can’t ignore that number, because is the focus of almost all the taxes that are associated to the house. The cadastral value is established without taking into account all the variables of the […]