Tips to motivate your team

As the pandemic has brought changes at about work levels, it is imperative that the return-to-work environments has to be accompanied by motivation and leadership from the company that are up to the task. In this sense, maintaining a modern office that creates an inspiring environment and a balanced office design can be key elements that keep up the constant enthusiasm of the employees in order to accomplish the objectives established. Human talent is a very precious commodity. Keeping workers motivated will not only improve their productivity, but will increase their commitment to the company.

To have an attractive office design, a very important element is the space distribution. It is essential that everyone has their own space for individual work. If part of the staff works at home, it is also compulsory to provide them with tools so that they can work at ease.

In addition, in order to facilitate an unforced exchange of ideas and spontaneous information, it’s a good idea to hold spaces for casual encounters. This kind of spaces should relax, be cozy and informal at the same time, with sofas and home ideas. Last but not least, it is also worth highlighting the spaces for teamwork. It would be interesting to separate them from meeting rooms or formal meetings with clients to avoid employees feeling attached. A semicircular design with relocatable furniture would be ideal.

Are you a good leader?

Have you thought about proposing courses or training for your workers? Henry Ford already said it at the beginning of the 20th century: “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.” Constant training as a review of your job is essential for your professional and personal development.

Employees often seek professional growth. Something that we often overlook is valuing their work. Have the workers reached the objectives, finished a project, proposed a good idea? Let them know. Beyond treating them with respect, make them feel valued to contribute to the aforementioned motivation. Beyond that, the salary should be something reviewable and progressive, linked to the productivity of the worker himself.


As with the idea of ​​space, the schedule is also somewhat that should be customizable. Home and work conciliation is basic. Apart from that, if you trust in the organizational capacity of the employees, why don’t you try giving them the possibility to adapt to the schedule according to their needs? Coordination of schedules, especially when arranging team or client meetings, is essential. You can be more permissive.

And it’s not all about work! Taking your mind off work and growing the bonds between the team is paramount. You can organize activities that break the routine and avoid the idea of ​​creating an only-work environment. How about a paddle tennis tournament? Are we going to a restaurant on Friday? Bet on teambuilding!